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Heavy Duty Grade gym equipment

Selection HT1

Most Endurable Heavy Duty Grade gym equipment

2020 hot sale gym machine from haswell

Plate Loaded HT2

2020 upgraded Plate Loaded Exercise Machine for Commercial Purpose

free motion cross over fitness machine from China

Selection TC1

 Simple and practical fitness equipment for commercial

Buyer Reviews

Thiago Belice from Brazil review to haswell gym equipment

Thiago Belice from Brazil:

Yes we did received the equipment and everything is doing quite well so far! Thank you very much for all your kindly support! 

Alfredo from Puerto Rico:

All the equipment is strong

Paolo from Italy satisfy with haswell fitness equipment

Paolo from Italy:

I will not hide that I have had several very good offer, but I have a good impression on you and the machines are good.

How many pieces should I buy?

The formula is QTY ≈ Training Area  / 7,

e.g. your gym total 400 SQM, want to keep only 300 m² as the exercise area, the left 100 m² for office, toilet, etc.

300/7 = 42.8 PCS, 

Considering the volume of each product, then 40 to 45 PCS is workable for starting an ordinary small gym.

China Gym Equipment vs big brands

Big brands like Technogym, life fitness, Matrix, right?

Before 2018, You will many differences in detail if put two similar machines together for comparison, from steel tubes to screws; But now the quality gap is so small hard to distinguish.

China gym equipment becomes better and better, However, we have to remind buyers who pursue perfect details that, Haswell Fitness offers good quality fitness products but not the artwork.

The earliest LF1 line from us still working in Romania now from 2013 although a small problem happens. 

Shortly, building a gym with Haswell fitness equipment is no problem, meanwhile will save a lot on your gym budget.

What is the MOQ or Min Amount?

5,000 US$ is the minimum amount we suggested, more than 20,000 US$ is better to low down the average price of commercial gym equipment.

Everyone knows "buy more price lower", but how big the gap usually be?


the 200-30=170 USD and the same thing happens in your aim port when clear customs, finally Unit price could reach 340+ USD/PCS.

How long the production required?

1 ~ 2 weeks for small orders less than 10 PCS

4 ~ 6 weeks, for no more than 50 PCS

6 ~ 8 weeks, for no more than 80 PCS

Attention please, the production time of commercial gym equipment does not equal to delivery time, since there are a couple of days for 

Delivery time ≈ production days + 1 or 2 weeks, therefore you must write this into your fitness club business plan, so that avoid making a wrong schedule on gym opening day.

Reference the 2.3 FAQ, please.

From the year 2012, Haswell began to offer gym equipment to oversea gym owners from China.

With 8 years in gym equipment exporting and 12 years in the international trading field, we offer the "one-stop commercial gym equipment packages" that help you avoid business traps, low down your purchase risk, make your gym business plan simple but workable, to help you open a profitable gym or a fitness club/center with limited gym financials.

As one of the most professional providers of gym solutions from China, Haswell Fitness offers a complete products line for gym buildings, gym owners could get not only gym equipment but also could get related facilities like decorating materials, and gym lockers from us; 

Meanwhile flexible deal terms, Multi payment terms, and currencies are acceptable.

haswell gym equipment project case

Help you get qualified workout products easily and safely, and open a profitable gym in time.

Safe & Reliable

Haswell only does what we can, there is no loan, no financing, no risk to deal;

Abundant Products

Complete product lines, get all items for your gym from decorating to gym managing, not only gym equipment for sale; 

Assured Quality

The product quality from Haswell has been proved stable, safe, and endurable; produced for creating a gym for commercial purpose;

Save Cost & Time

Get the most suitable/best gym equipment products for you from different gym equipment factories with the bulk sale price

Flexible Deal Term

T/T, LC, D/P, PayPal, Western Union, etc, Multi-Currency: USD, EUR, and CHY / RMB 

Pro Service

From 2012 exporting gym equipment exporting, and more years international trading expierence.

More than the Products Quality

Budget - Products - Deal Details - Production - Inspection - Packing - Loading - Clear Customs - Shipping - Installment - After-sale Service