TC1 line

Universal & Classic

TC is a classical gym equipment line for commercial purpose optimized details: simple 4-axis seat regulator, aluminum alloy pulley, ergonomic cushion, high light colorful tube cap, etc. full set exists 16 pieces cable station, and 20+ other devices like Power Cage, squat rack, benches for free weight training, covering most muscles exercising.

  1. Frame Tube: 40 × 137 × 3.00 mm as the frame

  2. Motion Tube: 50 × 50 × 3.00 mm steel pipe as moving arm

  3. Head / Caps: Mold made shroud, Only offer coffee color like this photo

  4. Guide Rod: 20 mm diameter solid chrome-coated surface

  5. Shields: molded acrylic, only exist partially opaque coffee

  6. Weight stack: cold drawn weight stack (10 LBS and 15 LBS ), most default 150 lbs, max add 250 lbs

  7. Cable: 7 × 19 construction steel fiber inside, 4.2 mm inner diameter

  8. Pulley: Aluminum body with steel core

  9. Cams: Steel plate cut by laser

  10. Seats: Molded Made ergonomic

  11. Seats adjuster: 4 axis seat adjustment system

  12. Hand Grips: EVA grip with Alum alloy ends

  13. Footholds: Corrugated steel plates with skid-resistance cover.

  14. Hardware/Screw: Stainless Bolts and screws, perfect in details.


MT1 line gym equipment.mp4


tough frame

3 mm thick steel tube frame,

5 mm thick steel plate joint

4-axis adjuster

basic version

low cost but working well

endurable hardware

aluminum alloy pulley

stainless steel accessories