HT2 line


Total 12 pcs single stations in the HT2 line plate-loaded gym equipment, most of them owns stationary storage horns which diameter is 32 mm and made with stainless steel.

  1. Frame tube: 114*3.0 mm (1A), outer diameter 76*3.0 mm (1B) round tube and 75*75*3.0 mm (1C) square tube

  2. Motion tube: outer diameter 50*3.0 mm (2A) and outer diameter 32*3.0 mm (2B) round tube

  3. Cap: molded plastic

  4. Cable / Kevlar Belt: 7*19 construction steel fiber inside of cable, 4.2 mm inner diameter

  5. Seats: Mold Made

  6. Seats adjuster: Pull and Release

  7. Motion Horns: stainless 32 mm Diameter round tube

  8. Fixed Horns: stainless 32 mm Diameter round tube

  9. Hand Grips: EVA Covered grips and 360 degree switchable alum. Grips

  10. Footholds: Corrugated steel plates

  11. Hardware/Screw: Stainless Bolts and screws


3D Movement

seat moving dynamically to ensure the force constantly same


Strong gym machine from 3.0 mm thick steel tube


Bring fresh and bright experience


Special Designed for skilled Bodybuilders, ordinary user will feel hard