LF2 line

renew the classic

Total 12 pcs single stations in the LF line plate-loaded gym equipment, 3 mm steel tube as frame, elegant tube caps, 7/12 of them exist stationary storage horns.


  • Frame tube: 90*140*3 mm; with elegant arch coverings

  • Motion tube: 65*114*3 mm

  • Seats: Mold Made

  • Seats adjuster: Roller

  • Cap: Steel

  • Cable / Kevlar Belt: 2.0 mm thickness Kevlar Belt

  • Motion Horns: galvanized Pipe 38 cm length, 50 mm outer diameter.

  • Fixed Horns: Nylon pipe, 20 cm length, 50 mm outer diameter.

  • Hand Grips: EVA with Alum. Ends.

  • Footholds: Corrugated steel plates with rubber skid-resistance covering.