storage cabinet

mobile phone storage cabinet is necessary for gym to help trainers keep keys, phone, wallet and other valued items, two keys for each cell lock, one for administrator of gym and another for client. Each cell exist a ventilation hole which could be pass through with an android line or type C cable of mobile cell phone charger for offer better service to your fitness club members.


  • 30 cells, MOQ 3 PCS

  • Full dimension: 550*1600*250 mm (WHD),

  • packing volume is 0.22cbm

  • Cell Dimension: 150*150*250 mm (WHD)


  • 50 cells, MOQ 2 PCS

  • Full dimension: 900*1600*250 mm (WHD),

  • packing volume is 0.36cbm

  • Cell Dimension: 150*150*250 mm (WHD)

Attention these cabinets not fold-able when packing.