Product Category

As one of the best One-Stop Gym solution providers in China, the main products we supply include:

  • hot sale items like smith machine and dual cables;

  • Commercial purpose running machine, both AC motorized treadmill and Mechanical treadmill with curved deck;

  • fashion cardio exercise equipment like spinning bike, skillmill, and Airmill;

  • group training equipment, like Crossfit racks, TRX Rack, Synrgy 360;

  • strength training machine includes 5 selectorized lines and 3 plate-loaded serials;

  • Fitness Accessories, like steel cable, pulley;

  • and related facilities like rubber floor, glass shower room, Metal wardrobe, and kids playground, etc.

1. COMMERCIAL Gym Equipment

featured gym equipment is the hot sale items

freemotion dual cable crossover, HD Elite racks, Freedom Smith Machine

group team training machine like Crossfit racks, TRX Rack, Synrgy 360

Crossfit racks, TRX Rack, Synrgy 360

treadmill and skillmill

AC Motorized and curved running machine

aerobic fitness equipment name list

spinning bike, stair machine, climber machine, elliptical

selectorized gym machine for sale

Select weight stacks with magnetic Pin

China plate loaded gym machine for sale

load various weight plates

Customize Frame Color of gym equipment

Customize Frame Color

Customize upholstery of gym equipment

Customize Upholstery

Fitness Accessories for sale

Dumbbell, plate, Olympic bar, kettlebell, yoga mat etc

spare parts for gym equipment repair

steel cable, pulley, magnetic pin

2. GYM related facilities

rubber flooring and other decorative materials for gym

decorative materials includes Rubber Flooring, Artificial plants, Wall stickers, LED Lights, stage lamp, glass shower room, Metal wardrobe, etc

playground and fitness equipment for kids

Build a children’s fitness playground help you keep more clients