Selectorized & Free Weight

commercial gym equipment

There are 20 to 24 pieces of single cable stations in each selectorized gym equipment line, a magnetic pin within which allows gym members to select the loading weight easily to challenge themselves step by 5 kg/10 lbs, simple and suits most workout users.

Besides the selectorized single stations, each line also contains free weight gym equipment like weight benches, dual cable, smith machines, squat racks, racks for dumbbells, and plate, all below lines are the whole solution to most gyms or fitness clubs.

Economical & Classic Workout Equipment

MT2 Line Colorful & Deluxe gym equipment for sale

Simple and Practical Fitness Equipment

LF3 Line best sale GYM equipment line in 2019

 Best Sale Fitness Equipment in 2019

MT2 Line Colorful & Deluxe gym machine for sale

Best Heavy Duty Fitness Equipment, Deluxe in Details

TC1 line Universal & Classic fitness equipment for commercial purpose

Unique style of sailing boat Gym Machine

Dynamic 3D movement Bodybuilding Equipment for Skilled users