MT2 Line

Colorful & Deluxe

MT2 is a Heavy Duty Fitness Equipment with max optimized details: deluxe 4-axis seat regulator, aluminum alloy pulley, deluxe ergonomic cushion, stainless screws and bolts, dozens of frame colors and upholstery available.

  1. Frame Tube: 200 × 50 × 2.5 mm

  2. Motion Tube: 50 × 100 × 3.0 mm

  3. Head / Caps: Molded Made 2 layers fashion design

  4. Guide Rod: Solid Stainless Steel.

  5. Shields: molded acrylic, multi-colors for selection

  6. Weight stack: cold drawn steel, +5 kgs increment; with Magnetic Pin.

  7. Cable: 7 × 19 construction steel fiber inside, 4.2 mm inner diameter

  8. Pulley: Aluminum body with steel core

  9. Cams: Nylon cut by laser

  10. Seats: Molded Made ergonomic seats

  11. Seats adjuster: 4-Axis with colorful Aluminum cover.

  12. Hand Grips: ergonomic rubber coated grip, dozens colors.

  13. Footholds: Corrugated steel plates with skid-resistance rubber cover.

  14. Hardware/Screw: Stainless Bolts and screws.

  15. Counter: Without.


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MT2 line gym machine adopts tough frame


tough raw materials adopted

  • 200×50×2.5 mm steel tube as frame,

  • Aluminum pulley,

  • High tense cable,

  • Stainless screw and bolts


Mold made ergonomic seat and cushion, more stable and tough


Realize your colorful dream , dozens colors available;

customize colors and Upholstery.

4-axis regulator

Smooth and fashion