AC Treadmill T-401B 

Incline & Decline Running Machine

Expensive But Deserve

T-401B is the only one treadmill offer both incline and decline running mode, the slope from -3 to 30 degree; with a 55.8 cm width running belt, users feel comfortable; It could max reach 24 km per hour; 

Different from other motorized treadmills, the engine located on the end of machine body, this feature makes runner hear hardly any engine noise; 

Not like other AC commercial treadmill, the console legs of T-401B been installed on the basement, but not on the front of the platform, this structure ensures console will not shaking obviously when user running fast.


T401B Decline treadmill - in gym 2.mp4

Max Speed 24 km/h

Incline -3 ~ 30 degree

Running area width 55.8 cm

Individual console and running platform

-3 Degree

Min -3 and max 30 degree

Motor on the End

Leave the noise behind

Stable / Not Shaking

Stationary Column minimize the vibrations caused by running


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