10+ things you must know before purchase China gym equipment from us

Here shows the frequently asked questions and our answers before you place the order of gym equipment,

wish to help you no matter you will buy commercial fitness machines from us or other providers in China.

1 Before place order

1.1 How can I trust you?

Welcome to visit us or assign a third-part inspection company to come here in each below important step

Before Transfer Prepayment;

Before Transfer the Balance;

Loading day;

The photos and videos will be shared with you no matter whether you come here or not.

1.2 China Gym Equipment vs big brands

Big brands like Technogym, life fitness, Matrix, right?

Before 2018, You will many differences in details if put two similar machines together for comparison, from steel tubes to screws; But now the quality gap is so small hard to distinguish.

China gym equipment becomes better and better, however, we have to remind buyers who pursue perfect details that, Haswell Fitness offers good quality fitness products but not the artwork.

By the way, the earliest LF1 line from us still working in Romania now from 2013 although a small problem happens.

1.3 How do I know your products quality?

  1. Tell us your detailed address, we will check if there is one of our clients nearby your location, you can visit there if our old client agrees.

  2. Fly to China and visit our factories and gym, and you will learn the truth.

  3. Video on YouTube;

What do you think of the sports shoes from China?

  • 20-50 US dollars, good quality but is not a well-known brand, right?

  • Current shoes are better than 10 years ago, right?

The same logic to gym equipment from China, especially the product line we offering was selected from dozens of lines.

1.4 What’s the warranty?

12-14 months to most products.

But attention please, this warranty does not include the shipping cost and additional fees like liquidated damages, clear customs fee, and import VAT tax, all these fees may be higher than the value of your products; in another word, you get the same after-service like a buyer in China domestic market with additional 2 months for shipping;

For instance, if you found one machine frame was damaged when receiving the container, it's hard to judge caused by the shipping company or factory;

We would like to offer a free-of-charge replacement in the next order if you allow, or return 20%~80% money of that machine to you. But why half? Because you are not going to send the broken one to us considering the various cost.

You were encouraged to buy fitness equipment from the local market if you cannot accept this term which is Non-negotiable and followed by mostly Chinese suppliers.

Any complaint required proof of support, therefore please prepare related photos and video before contacting us, we can do nothing with only complaint words; Install monitoring in the gym was suggested if your local law and manners/customs allow.

1.5 How About Your Price?

Screen capture of price lists from other suppliers occasionally be shared with us from different clients, and they told us your price is high.

Please learn

  1. The quality difference, please compare the details of products;

  2. Deal terms in PI, like payment methods, after-sale service, etc;

  3. Bad quality product always could offer a lower price.

1.6 Why your photos in messy background?

  • Real photos vertical shows the true details more than the rendering graph or a design drawing.

  • Products upgrade frequently.

1.7 Haswell vs China Manufacturers

Our team was separated from one of the TOP 10 factories of sports apparatus in 2014.

Salesman in a factory has no choice but to push the products made by themselves, all tell you their products is the best, you know that is not true, but how to figure out the real good one?

With the help from Haswell, you will get really awesome products meanwhile save a lot of money and time, even if the price looks a little higher than others sometimes. Just think what you will lose if get a room for trash gym machines.

1.8 Haswell vs other China Middleman?

Perhaps we are the most honest one, you could find it from the name of our company.

Seriously speaking,

  1. Haswell dislikes selling the newly designed products, which have not been proven by the time, buyers have to solve the problems by themselves once happened, actually, most of the broken products are sold as scrap metal.

  2. Haswell dislikes selling inferior products although price advantage obviously, but not endurable.

  3. Haswell treats every client as a friend to win long-term cooperation although we know 80% of clients will not place a new order in a short time, since running a gym is not an easy thing, not alone openning more gyms.

2 Place order

2.1 What is the MOQ or Min Amount?

We strongly persuade individual users to purchase gym equipment from the local market considering the after-sale service and the whole additional cost besides product price in the deal of international trading.

As a wholesaler of gym equipment, the main clients to us are owners of commercial gyms or fitness clubs.

Everyone knows "buy more price lower", but how big the gap usually be?


  • Just buy 1 treadmill, the transport fee plus customs clearance in China will be around 200 USD;

  • buy a full container, the average cost for each treadmill will be only 30 USD.

the 200-30=170 USD and the same thing happens in your aim port when clear customs, finally Unit price could reach 340+ USD.

Therefore, the min amount we suggest is no less than 5000 USD.

2.2 How many pieces gym equipment for commercial purpose should I buy?

The formula is QTY ≈ Training Area / 7,

e.g. your gym total 400 SQM, want to keep only 300 m² as the exercise area, the left 100 m² for office, toilet, etc.

300/7 = 42.8 PCS,

then 40 to 45 PCS considering the volume of each product.

2.3 When should I place the order of commercial fitness equipment?

Here's a sample of 50 pieces of heavy-duty fitness equipment for a 400 m2 gym in Romania.

Assuming a gym opening date of July 1,

you need to place your order by March 13,

which means 110 days in advance; why so long?

  • 7 days: for unpacking and assembling the machines at the gym.

  • 40 days: Sailing time from a Chinese port to a European port; (changeable depending on where you are)

  • 40 days: Production, packaging, and inspection; (changeable depending on your order details)

  • 6 days: Time required for the wire transfer to reach our account, usually 2 remittances: advance payment and balance, each wire transfer may take 3 days.

  • 7 days: The Chinese government requires the container to be in the port warehouse in advance so that customs can conduct random checks.

  • 3 days. Inspection and packing.

  • 7 days: time set aside for contingencies.

Then, 7+40+40+6+7+3+7=110 days; Subtracting the changeable days from 110 days, 110-40-40=30 days.

You can take these 30 days as a base and add the number of productive days and the number of sailing days to get the full number of days estimated.

Last but not least, Suggest times for placing an order: March, April, June, Aug, Sep. Oct, and Nov.

You'd better not place orders during the following times if possible

  • May and July are peak seasons for the Chinese market and it is easy to make mistakes during production and delivery, and the production time could reach 90 days or more for most factories.

  • From December 10 to the end of January, if you place an order during this time period, the production ends date close to the Chinese New Year, freight rates become higher and it is difficult to book a shipment; once there is no shipping space available, your cargo must stay in China for more than 30 days.

3 in production

3.1 How long the production required?

1 ~ 2 weeks for small orders less than 10 PCS

4 ~ 6 weeks, for no more than 50 PCS

6 ~ 8 weeks, for no more than 80 PCS

Attention please, the production time does not equal to delivery time, since there are a couple of days for

  • Products from the factory to the ocean port

  • clear customs

  • waiting for the sailing

Delivery time ≈ production days + 1 or 2 weeks

Reference the 2.3 FAQA.

3.2 Can I change or cancel my order?

You were expected to think it over before making a decision, but if you really have to change something, please learn the below rules

  1. If you just want to add more products,
    it is ok for us, we will notify you how many additional days are required.

  2. If you want to delete any item

    • it is ok before painting, without any fee as soon as not too many items will be deleted;

    • sorry if the painting is finished unless you do not mind paying 20 ~ 100 USD /PCS.

  3. If you want to cancel the whole order,
    You will get only part of the prepayment back, we have to deduct the cost we've devoted, e.g. :

    • the total order amount is 50K,

    • you've paid 15K,

    • only 8K or 10K will be returned to you according to the progress of production.

4 after shipping

4.1 When I will get docs for clear customs?

Documents for clear customs mainly include below items:

  1. Invoice

  2. Packing List

  3. Bill of lading

You should tell us you need the original Paper documents or electronic documents when placing order

Paper documents mean we will send original docs to you via an express company like DHL, which usually cost 7-10 days

Electronic documents mean the bill of lading has been released by telegraph, your forwarder will get the invoice and packing list from us, then share all docs, usually in 7 days from the date shipping.

4.2 Is there a way to saving the import duty and tax?

We will apply the "Certificate of Origin" for you if necessary, but please confirm with your forwarder how much tax and duty you could save, just tell them the HS traffic code for gym equipment is 950691.

4.3 What should I do if found quality problem?

Take photos and videos, and share them with us.

Reference the warranty term in section "1.4 What’s the warranty?"

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