Gym solutionS

Part 1 - Commercial Gym Equipment

It is important to make a gym budget before building a fitness club or opening a gym

although most gym owners have read articles like "how to open a gym" or "how much to open a gym", however, some people will fail in the investing in a commercial fitness club/gym, actually, it is not been proven to fail but is doomed to fail from the day the gym opens, precisely because they haven’t carefully budgeted.

The budget to make a gym or fitness center is not only about money, but also about time; Simply speaking, how can you start a gym/fitness club if the gym equipment you booked has not reached your gym in time? As the owner of the fitness club, you need to pay additional rent every day, pay the salary to staff you hired before gym setup, calm down all clients, and Explain to each guest who bought the gym plan from your club to reassure them; Call your investor over and over and ask him to trust you and not pull out.

Haswell fitness helps you make the budget for gym equipment purchasing plan and control the time so that makes you create a great gym at the right time and run a good fitness business from the beginning.

Covid-19 Special offer

solution A1 - 1000 sqm Gym

50,000 USD = 90 PCS Gym Equipment + 1800 KGS Accessories in 4 months

Only Available to new gym owners who going to build a gym

before Corona-virus Gone

90 pcs Gym Equipment

  • 10 pcs AC motorized treadmills and 2 pcs of skillmills,

  • 20 pcs spinning bikes and 14 pcs cardio gym equipment;

  • 43 pcs whole line TC1 line gym equipment and one set of the multi-functional racks;

1800 kgs Fitness Accessories

  • 1 whole set of rubber-coated dumbbells 1050 kgs,

  • 4 sets of rubber-coated weight plates 642 kgs,

  • 2.2m 1.8m 1.2m Olympic bars and a square bar for triceps exercise, total 7 pcs


  1. All gym equipment solutions here working in FOB price term which does not include expenses incurred after leaving China;

  2. Figure out the import duty rate and the vat tax rate by seeking help from your local forwarder, just show the traffic code 950691 to them;

  3. Haswell Fitness offers the above gym solutions document for free, We would like to modify it according to your actual situation.

  4. The Solutions here is prepared for new gym owners, once the Covid-19 is over, the total amount will raise up 20% or more.