TK4 line

Pure strength

Total 16 pcs single stations in the TK4 line plate-loaded gym equipment, 3 mm thick steel tube as frame, 9 cm thick cushion, only exist motion plate horns, without stationary storage horns.

  1. Frame tube: 60*120*3.0 mm square

  2. Motion tube: 50*100*2.5 mm square

  3. Seats: Manual made

  4. Adjuster: Roller

  5. Motion Horns: galvanized Pipe length, 50.0 mm outer diameter.

  6. Fixed Horns: N/A

  7. Hand Grips: EVA with Alum. Ends or Alum. Grip

  8. Footholds: Aluminum or galvanized steel plate

  9. Hardware/Screw: Galvanized